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"Monk Is Here To Stay

With a vast repertoire from which to draw, a revolving-door-style lineup and a fervent desire to explore, there’s very little risk of Toronto mainstay Monk’s Music going stale. As the name suggests, Monk’s Music is a project dedicated to exploring the music of Thelonious Monk. One of the project’s two co-founders, Dan Gaucher, moved to the West Coast. The remaining co-founder, Michael Davidson, is a vibraphonist of remarkable dexterity and wit, whose fascination with Monk’s body of work has led to this weekly ongoing tribute to the jazz piano colossus. Davidson uses elements and trademark gestures of the Monkian style – playing with four mallets, in the tradition of Gary Burton, must help, I imagine, with the idiomatically pianistic phrases and textures he plays with – and he also channels the playful, curious spirit, the sense of humour and whimsy, for which Monk was known."

-bob ben, wholenote magazine nov 2016.

"From the instrumentation, to the arrangements, to the composing, Hobson's Choice has made a unique contribution to the Canadian scene with their debut album. Just when I think I have the sound pegged, they switch things up. Hobson's Choice debut album is the full meal deal. Lots to chew on here. Jazz fans, pop fans, improvisational music fans will all find something here for them."

-Laurie Brown, The Signal CBC









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